1 scoop a week -

     $5.00 per visit

2 scoops a month -

    $7.00 per visit

One time only - by estimate. Our rates have ranged between $20.00 and $35.00 and depend on the number of dogs and how long it has been since the yard was last scooped. Estimates for one-time-only clean-ups are free and are no-obligation.

We scoop for business clients as well. We'd love to give you a free, no-obligation estimate for your site!


Regular, scheduled walks or one time only -

30 minutes - $5.00

60 minutes - $7.00

At this time, our walk schedule is full and we are unable to accept new clients.  So sorry!

If you don't see what you and your furry friend need here, please let us know. We can customize our services to match your needs.

Pet Sitting (Halstead only) -

For Dogs -

$10.00 per day for 4 visits (visits are usually 20 or 30 minutes, and one or more of those visits will likely be longer if your dog likes to go for walks). Add $10.00 for an overnight stay (I stay a minimum of 8 hours overnight).

If your dog has a doggie door and doesn't need that many visits, the charge is $2.50 per visit for a 20 to 30 minute visit and/or walk.

For Cats -

$2.50 per visit for a 20 minute visit, including feeding, playtime, and litter box cleaning. Cats are free-of-charge when combined with dog visits.

Litter Box Cleaning:

We can save your from having to do this dreaded chore! For only $2.00 per litter box, we can clean it up on whatever schedule suits you best.